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Best (Real Food) Places to Dine In Denver & Boulder

Local Quality Dining * Cooking Classes * Time Management
Fresh Ingredients Delivered * Quality Prepared Meals Delivered

OK, my nutritionist (Debbie Allen) wants to me to "change" my food choices.
How do I do that?? I like to eat! Where can I go around here and eat the right stuff for my body to feel good?

Most Americans find it difficult to know what to believe about ever-changing nutrition information. We are all trying to improve some of our eating habits. Health benefits of buying locally grown food are that you are getting produce at its peak state.

Local farms allow their fruits and vegetables to ripen longer or even fully ripen, which adds to nutrition. Organic farmers tend to use fewer chemicals than larger commercial farms. This means food is more delicious and contains a higher nutritional value.

  1. Fresh. The fresher the food, the more nutritious it is, the tastier it is, the more beautiful it is (even if it's beautiful in an ugly way). The fresher your food, the longer it will last, helping you reduce your food waste footprint.
  2. Local. The average produce item travels 1,500 miles from farm to plate.
  3. Guess what: That means your produce is old, has lost nutrition, and has probably been treated with chemicals to extend its shelf life. Food miles do more than just affect food. They also increase our carbon footprint.
  4. Organic. Buying organic food means you're avoiding most synthetic materials, like pesticides and antibiotics. It means you know your food was produced under certain conditions that reduce potential harmful impacts to you and the environment.
  5. Seasonal. "To everything, there is a season." Right? Foods in season are cheaper and more nutritious than those that aren't. Enjoy food when it's at its freshest or preserve it to enjoy off-season.
  6. Non-GMO. Genetically modified organisms have been engineered to withstand harmful pesticides, herbicides, and conditions. This can result in an increased use of pesticides over time that poison our air, water, and soil, and weeds that evolve into super weeds to withstand herbicides.

Local Quality Dining:
Paleo, Gluten Free, Farm to Table, and higher quality/integrity dining

Private In-Home Healthy Cooking Classes
Private Cooking Class
Denver Nutrition offers private, in-home lessons that are limited to 3 participants or students. We will help you plan a "therapeutic menu/meal" to meet the needs of your healthy life, using healthy ingredients. We teach you culinary skills to cook healthy meals!
Read more: Denver Nutrition Cooking Classes

Time Management: Eating Out vs. Cooking
Many of my clients claim they do not have time to cook. Let's take a look at our time investment for a moment. Are you sick of driving in traffic: (20-30") to the restaurant, standing in line (another 30-45")

wait-line Then finally eating to find out that the meal does not satisfy your specific dietary (gluten free, dairy free, soy free) requirements? And, we just wasted over an hour just navigating to our meal, and we still have to drive home. (Did we drink any alcoholic beverages?!) You get the drift, right?

Eating at Home
Let's review additional meal options that satisfy our cravings in a timely fashion. Plus, we are home…where the heart is, to enjoy a meal with our besties, plus showing off our culinary skills!!

Groceries delivered with weekly recipes and fresh ingredients straight to your doorstep, to cook delicious, quick, and healthy meals at home. The average meal per person is $15.00. No shopping, just cooking. Most meals done in 30 minutes!
Many of these companies offer a $40 discount off the initial delivery. This is a very convenient way to re-introduce cooking together with friends, family, roommates or teach the kids how to navigate the kitchen!

Prepared Meals (Delivered): Ready to Eat!

denver-food-delivery The advantage here is a knowledgeable team of chefs that cater to specific dietary needs including: Paleo, AIP, LCHF, Keto, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and about any allergy you can imagine! Check out fully prepared, fully customizable, meal plans delivered to your door.

Good health begins with taking responsibility for our own body.
Contact Me Now to Begin Your Transformation.

If you have questions, need more information or would like to schedule
a FREE 30 minute phone consult: Call Debbie Allen, MNT at 303-782-4842.

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