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Meal Prep - To Save Time And Eat Right

meal-prep I want to eat my own food, but how do I find the time to really do that? I get this question all the time from my clients.

This is one of the best ways that my clients as well as myself manage time to create the food that supports unique dietary and food sensitivity needs. The whole point of meal prep is to make life easier for you during the week.

Preparing your food for a week of healthy eating can be a giant task. However, if you dedicate a day or afternoon a week to some preparation, your family, kids, partner and your own body will be thanking you all week! This is a wonderful strategy that works for most people. However, it can be overwhelming and unrealistic for everyone else.

Since you already have found out that fast food is not the nourishing option for you to be and stay healthy, only YOU can create that perfect meal that nourishes you and your family.

Meal Prep
Meal prep is different than meal planning because you are not actually cooking any full meals for the week. Meal prep involves prepping several food items, so that you can reduce your cooking time during the week and have some easy grab-and-go lunch options.

Create Your Meal Prep Schedule
Successful meal prep works best when you schedule a day every week.
  • Set aside 2-4 hours on your day off - probably a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Pick out some recipes or decide what you are going to make for the week.
  • Pick out one protein (steak, chicken or fish).
  • Pick out a couple vegetables (carbs)
  • Write down your grocery list and grocery shop.
  • Cook it all up, package up your food and store in the fridge.
How long can you keep meal prep in the fridge?
When you meal prep for the week, I recommend preparing in advance for up to 5 days worth of food. If you need to store longer, freeze it.

What/How do I store my meals?
My personal favorite is glass containers. Glass does not interfere chemically with your food. Plastic has been shown, when heated to cause all kinds of estrogenic challenges (why mess with your hormones??) (Glass is recommended instead of plastic to help prevent BPA from the plastic leaching into your food. It also lasts longer than the plastic.) That said, plastic does freeze a bit easier. Take your pick of containers.

Here are a few of my favorites that you can order directly from Let's get cooking!

glass-meal-prep eb-glass-meal BPA-free-box

There are a vast amount of recipes available on the internet. Simply google "meal prep recipes" and you will come up with thousands of ideas. Typically my clients are looking for clean options. Here's my favorite cookbooks that you can order directly from, along with a few on my wish list!


Keto meal planning:


More balanced meal planning:


Paleo Meal planning:


Still not sure how to get started? I am a Master Nutrition Therapist. I help people choose the best food to work with them personally by utillizing a Food Sensitivty test. I also cook with my clients. Need a cooking lesson? I can help :-)

Good health begins with taking responsibility for our own body.
Contact Me Now to Begin Your Transformation.

If you have questions, need more information or would like to schedule
a FREE 30 minute phone consult: Call Debbie Allen, MNT at 303-782-4842.

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