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Sinus = Fungus

Food   Gut Flora   Mayo Study   Mold   Stats   Symptoms   Solutions   References  

There are many theories about the causes of sinus problems ranging from allergies to environmental challenges to a poor immune system. I have personally done my own research and have discovered that food choices, as well as environment are key players interupting our sinuses - hence challenging our immune system, too!

    Sinus Symptoms:
  • Sinus tension... pressure... pain?
  • Do you have postnasal trickling down your throat?
  • Do you have difficulty breathing through your nose?
  • Are you sick alot?
  • Can't sleep - or snore alot?
  • Is your head congested?
  • Do you have a constant cough?
  • Have you lost your sense of smell?
  • Do you have a headache every day?
Conventional medicine has us believing that a trip to hospital for a sinus surgery is the solution. Please. A surgical procedure overlooks the underlying primary problem. A sinus problem is not structural, it’s about the microbial terrain on the mucous membranes and in the entire body.

Mayo Clinic Study Implicates Fungus As Cause Of Chronic Sinusitis.
See their study details here: Mayo Clinic Sinus Study

It is wise to work “with” your doctor when using alternative therapies. But, there may be a much less invasive and less expensive way to approach your sinus problems. The Mayo Clinic often prescribes “anti-fungal” medications to sinus patients because they’ve found that those who suffer from sinustitis have a fungal overgrowth in their sinus cavities. [Note: fungus can get into the sinus cavity if there is mold in your home, car, or workplace]

Medications can provide some relief - but it is only temporary and always come with side effects because they do not address the underlying problem as they simply treat the symptoms.

    Sinus Statistics:
  • Over 30 million people in the United States suffer from sinus complaints.
  • Over 16 million doctor visits are made to the doctor annually for sinus symptoms.
Food Choices Can Minimize and Eliminate Sinus Problems
Sinus congestion is primarily due to an overabundance of poor food choices. The key to ultimately eliminating the problem of sinus congestion is to make dietary changes that can help prevent or eliminate acute or chronic sinus problems.

    Sinus sufferers should completely avoid:
  • Sugar
  • Fried Foods
  • Starchy foods
  • Fungus/mushrooms
  • Wheat Products (Gluten)
  • Dairy Products
  • White flour
  • Rice
  • Alcohol: Wine, beer, etc...
  • Fast/Junk foods
  • Baked Goods and pastries
  • Processed and packaged foods
no sugar SUGAR:
Avoid eating sugar, or at least limit your consumption considerably. Sugar feeds the yeast/fungus. Sugar also depletes immune function. Individuals who suffer from sinus inflammation usually experience symptoms when the immune system is overburdened.

Dairy is a big culprit in causing sinus congestion. Milk increases mucous production and contributes to sinusitis. Dairy includes: milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream.

    What Can I Eat?
  • Poultry: Chicken, turkey - baked or grilled
  • Fish - baked or grilled
  • Fresh vegetables (organic preferred)- raw, steamed baked or grilled
  • Drink lots of water: "Flush" your system. Also clear soups and herbal teas
Could It Be Mold?
Toxic mold is a serious concern to many homeowners and allergy sufferers. Mold spores worsen most respiratory and other health symptoms, and toxic mold from certain species can infest buildings, causing anything from headaches and sinus trouble to memory loss and death.

Mold produces allergens that can trigger allergic reactions, asthma attacks, runny nose, sinus problems and headaches. Breathing in mold spores leads to respiratory distress. Toxins created by mold are dangerous for everyone. If mold grows out of control for a long period of time, the only solution may be condemning the property, and burning the structure to the ground. This happens all the time.

One natural approach outshines medical and industrial cleaners at removing toxic mold: a blend of essential oils known as the oils of cinnamon, clove, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus.
    Sinus Solutions
  1. NO Sugar: Eliminate fruit and sugar laden foods
  2. Water: Drink 8-10 glasses of water - instead of coffee, pop and milk
  3. Food: For 2-3 weeks eliminate the foods that feed fungus and yeast
  4. EAT vegetables and protein (meat protein should ideally come from organic, grass-fed, free range animals)

Good Bacteria for the (Gut) Intestinal Tract
The human gastrointestinal tract is home to more than 400 types of resident probiotics, also known as "friendly" or beneficial bowel bacteria, gut microorganisms, or intestinal flora. These "friendly" microorganisms protect the GI tract and keep us healthy by protecting us from "unfriendly" microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites, viruses, yeasts, and fungi that cause disease. Probiotics also improve immune system function, and probiotics have many other health benefits. The word probiotic is derived from the Greek meaning "for life." Repopulation of good bacteria to the intestinal tract is important as this will help to keep the yeast in check.

Make sure that your eliminations are regular. There is a tendancy for constipation because of the yeast/fungus die-off, it tends to cause constipation.

The treatment method for sinus challenges described here, and much of the explanation for its functions, is based on information provided by Debbie Schwarm-Allen, a Master Nutrition Therapist specializing in food therapy for autoimmune disorders and food sensitivity/allergy issues. Debbie practices in Denver, CO.

The Fungus Link, Vol 3 By Doug Kaufmann
The pH Miracle By Robert & Shelley Young
The Yeast Connection By Dr. William Crook
The Curse of Louis Pasteur By Nancy Appleton, PhD
Overcoming Parasites Naturally By Dr James Overman
Sinus Survival By Dr. Robert Ivker
Cancer Is A Fungus By Dr. Tullio Simoncini

Good health begins with taking responsibility for our own body.
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